The theme of the birthday party is ‘The Colourful World’.  Children wear costumes of different colours and enjoy the time with their peers.  By playing games related to colours, children can experience the visual effects of different colours and the fun of the games.

Christmas is coming soon and people from all over the world will celebrate this festive season with joy and happiness. Our school organize a “Parent-child Christmas Headdress Design Competition” for Pre-Nursery class students. Through the competition, parents and children can show their creativity together and make unique Christmas head decorations, which enhances children's creative ability and promotes parent-child relationship.

Our school organized a "Parent-Child Emotions Face Mask Competition" for Lower Class students. This activity inspired the children's creativity and enhanced the relationship between parents and children. It can be seen from the work that the parents and children have spent a lot of effort to make the unique emotions face masks together.

Our school will organize a  “Parent-child Birthday Cake Model Design Competition “ for Nursery class students from 17th November to 9th December. You and your child are cordially invited to create a unique birthday cake model together. We believe that your child’s creativity and communications skills will be strengthened, and your relationship with your child can be enhanced through the process.

In line with the learning need of Upper Class students, our kindergarten organized a “Parent-child 3D Clock Design Competition” recently. Through the Competition, the creativity of parents and children was inspired and their imagination was stimulated. They were able to integrate ideas into the artwork and work together to design a unique works using different materials of their own choice. The activity also provided opportunities for parents and children to communicate with each other and promote harmonious relationship.

To celebrate the China's birthday, a series of events were held at school on the eve of the National Day. During the National Day Flag Raising Ceremony, three student flag-raisers slowly raised the flag along with the national anthem. Teachers arranged some fun group games for the students. Through the game, the children learned more about China, including the origin of the National Day, attractions in China and the scene of the military parade. On this day of national celebration, the students truly felt the festive atmosphere.

On 30th September 2022, our kindergarten conducted the National Flag Raising Ceremony and the Birthday Party Activity for September and October. During the ceremonies in the morning and afternoon sessions, our little flag guards slowly raised the flag when the national anthem was being sung. All teachers and students stood solemnly, facing the national flag with attention to show respect for the country. Our teachers then introduced to children the importance of respecting the national flag, national anthem and regional Flag through an audio picture book of “Our National Flag, National Anthem and Regional Flag”. Afterwards, students of different levels (N, LK & UK) wearing in national clothes played fashion show and group games in the classroom. Their knowledge about the motherland was deepened through learning Chinese cultures in terms of costumes, food and etiquettes.

On September 29, 2022, the school held a National Day theme activity, accompanied by the national anthem, the children's flag-raising team slowly raised the national flag to the sound of the national anthem, and all teachers and children saluted the national flag to jointly wish our country strong and prosperous, and the people at peace.

Chinese national day is celebrated on 1st October to commemorate the founding of the People's Republic of China. To enable children to celebrate the birthday of China and understand the significance of the national flag raising ceremony, the kindergarten organized an activity of “Celebrating Chinese National Day Together" on 29th September. During the morning and afternoon assemblies, our flag guards formed by teachers helped to conduct the National Flag Raising ceremony in the school lobby. All children in a national flag raising ceremony, whether attending in person or viewing of live broadcast, were able to understand the relevant regulation and the etiquette observed. At the same time, our teachers introduced to children the important messages of the National Day so as to enhance a sense of belonging to the country and national identity among students.

To celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the motherland, the school held a "National Day Activity" and a national flag raising ceremony on September 30. Children will know more about the flag of China and Hong Kong.  The activity hopes to cultivate the children's sense of belonging.

To celebrate the National Day on 1st October, all teachers and students gathered together to participate in the National Flag Raising Ceremony. Through attending the ceremony in person, students learned to show respect for the country by observing the relevant etiquette during the ceremony and when the national anthem was being sung. Through the flag raising ceremony, the sense of belonging to the country and national identity among students can be enhanced.

The school arranged three teachers to conduct the National Flag Raising Ceremonies separately in the morning and afternoon sessions on the eve of the National Day. All students in the ceremonies stood solemnly on the school playground and sang the national anthem together. Our principal then gave a speech under the national flag and shared with children national celebrations on Chinese National Day and relevant etiquettes during the flag raising ceremony. In midst of the whole-class activity time, our teachers played the video of a past national flag raising ceremony held at Golden Bauhinia Square to enable children to feel the atmosphere of this important day. After the National Day, our teachers discussed and shared the activities of the day with students and played a clip of the national flag raising ceremony. Students stood in a solemn manner and sang the national anthem together.

Before the National Day holiday, the school conducted real-time broadcast in the morning and afternoon sessions to introduce to our children the various activities held on the National Day. We then played the video of a past national flag-raising ceremony held at Golden Bauhinia Square, with a view to enhancing children’s understanding of the required etiquette when watching the national flag-raising ceremony.

After the National Day holiday, children returned to school and shared with their teachers the activities that they had participated in during the National Day holiday. The school also arranged some teachers to conduct the National Flag Raising Ceremonies separately in the morning and afternoon sessions. Through viewing real-time broadcast, all participating staff members and students paid solemn respect to the national flag in the ceremonies.

In additions, during the “National Day Week”, children were able to take part in various classroom activities and acquire knowledge about traditional Chinese cultures. Through making crafts of Chinese rattle drums and traditional animal hand puppets, as well as doing paper-cutting activity, children learned to appreciate the beauty of Chinese traditional art.

On 30th September, all staff members attended the National Flag Raising Ceremonies in school, with the playing and singing the national anthem. During the morning and afternoon sessions, the principal and teachers explained to the children of their individual classrooms through live broadcast in the school lobby that it was important for all of us to know about the National Day, understanding its significance and the etiquette to be observed. The school established a national security team to help train flag guards formed by our teachers so as to lead the flag raising ceremony. The National Flag Raising Ceremony held on that day was solemn. Most of the children were able to sing the national anthem when it was being played and sung. They also recognize that 1st October was the National Day. Shorting after the ceremony, the Birthday Party that followed enabled children to further learn about the symbols and cultures related to the country through playing small games.

The Flag Raising Ceremony was performed by teachers on 29th September 2022. All students and teachers stood to listen to the national anthem in honor of the national flag and the national anthem. Moreover, teachers introduced "National Day" in theme activities, which gave our students an opportunity to experience traditional Chinese culture and learn about its history, as well as to send our best wishes to our motherland.