The theme of the birthday party is "The Magic Fairies". Dressed up as charming little magicians, all children enjoyed playing wonderful magical games and performing magic together with their classmates. They all immersed themselves in a world of ever-changing magic, and felt really great when experiencing the magic mystery.

The 59th Cannan Kindergarten Joint School Graduation Ceremony 2024 ended successfully. Upper Class students who had been fully engaged in performance rehearsals gave their fantastic performances on the day and they all received warm applause from the audience. Here we would like to congratulate all the graduates on their successful performances, giving everyone a great time and an enjoyable good show.

The school attaches great importance to home-school collaboration. Recognizing that parents of Lower Class students may have concerns about how to choose a primary school for their children, we have invited Mr. Leung Wing Lok, an expert in further studies and education to hold a parenting seminar of “Interview Guide for Selecting Direct Subsidy Scheme Primary Schools or Private Primary Schools”. The seminar was very informative and it helped parents better understand school selection strategies. It is hoped that the seminar will assist parents in choosing the right school that best suits their children.

To complement the play-based school curriculum, our school held a Fun Play Day where children were able to freely participate in play activities in the school lobby. They were excited to use the various materials and instruments to design their games or create artwork according to their preferences. The activity fully demonstrated the spirit of self-directed exploration and we are happy that our children can learn and grow through play.

Children were provided with an opportunity to learn about the habitat of fireflies and to observe these uncommon amphibian species more closely. They were all excited about fireflies. The activity deepened their understanding of different living things and increased their awareness of conserving nature and the environment.

Children learned the correct ways of brushing teeth through the talk and   turned themselves into dentists to help their peers examine their teeth through the experiential activity. They all learned the importance of forming good habits to protect their teeth and maintaining good oral health.

Parents and children were given a wonderful opportunity to visit the 448 Farm together. They were able to get close to nature, while playing games together in the green grasslands. With so much fun exploring the wonders of nature, both parents and children experienced the joy of parent-child bonding!

On 2nd March 2024 (Saturday), children and parents of our school went to Tai Po Waterfront Park for a parent-child outing. The outdoor activity brought wonderful moments for children and parents to enjoy the family time together, while getting closer to nature and enhancing the parent-child relationship. 

After the Lunar New Year holiday, our school held an activity of “Lion Dance for Chinese New Year’s Celebration” on campus. Amidst the lively beats of drums and gongs, children performed their own styles of lion dance, imitating various gestures of a lion and carrying out the tradition of “picking the green” during the dance. Immersed in a blessing of good fortune and festive joy through the lion dance, our children enjoyed a happy campus life with a rich atmosphere of Chinese traditional culture.

Christmas Caroling: In this joyful Christmas season, adorable children from Kowloon City, Tseung Kwan O, Whampoa Garden, and Prime View Garden Campus go into the community, sharing love and joy through delightful songs and poems. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

To celebrate the joy of Christmas, the school held the activity of  "Christmas Party" on 22nd December 2023. During the party, children enjoyed participating in fun booth games, meeting Santa Claus and performing Christmas songs. They all shared a wonderful Christmas with laughter and joy.

To celebrate the joy of Christmas, our school held a Parent-child “Christmas Ornament” Design Competition. Parents and children worked together to create unique Christmas ornaments. Through the competition, children’s creativity was inspired and their relationship with parents was strengthened.

To support the learning needs of Lower Class students, our school organized a Parent-child “Hand Puppet” Design Competition. During the process, parents and children worked together to create unique hand puppets using different materials. The activity helps inspire children’s creativity and enhance communication and relationships between children and parents.

You are warmly invited to the Open Days of Prime View Garden Campus and Whampoa Garden Campus on 21st October 2023 (Saturday), as well as the Open Day of Kowloon City Main Campus on 28th October 2023 (Saturday). Prospective students applying for the 2024-2025 school year are welcome to attend. Interested parents please register through scanning the QR Code provided at the admission application webpage. We look forward to seeing you and your family on our Open Days!

*The quota for the Open day of Whampoa Campus is full. Thank you for your support!

To enhance children's interest in reading, the school has organized various reading activities at different levels this year. These activities included taking photos of the children playing the characters in books, shooting short videos of the selected picture book stories, and creating small storybooks related to Chinese cultures. Through these activities, we hope that parents can join us to encourage their children to do more reading, so as to cultivate a love of reading in them, enable them to learn to read, and better understand the world through reading.