School Supervisor's Message

    Cannan Kindergarten has been established for fifty years. Beginning from five students to the scale of twelve schools today, it has not been plain sailing. Cannan probably grew up together with generations of children. I am grateful it has brought me a half-century of hard work with carrying the blessings over a span of fifty years.

    Confucius said, At fifty, I knew the decrees of Heaven. Knowing the decrees of Heaven does not mean to resign yourself to fate, but understanding the mission given by it. Cannan has always kept in mind the original mission of running the school, i.e., to nurture children to become independent and free people. I run a school with a child-like passion and with all my heart for early childhood education. I always treat your children as my own children and treat your grandchildren as my own grandchildren. I cherish every child I meet. I cheer with them when they are happy and give them a hug when they are sad. It is a blessing to be able to participate in and witness childrens growth. I am grateful Cannan has gradually earned the trust and recognition of our parents. Now it seems I was on the right path and finally did not disappoint the mission given by Heaven.

    The world is changing from time to time. Education must be at the forefront of time to equip children to face their future, especially in an era of moral decline and lack of faith. I am very fortunate that Cannan has a group of colleagues who truly love children. They are striving for excellence, insisting on giving back and reflecting on their work, actively applying modern early school education concepts to classes, and being a role model. All these things come from their sincere love for children.

    However, Cannans future needs your generous support. I hope parents can offer their kind advice to us so that we can run better education and let our children grow up with the rich colours of life.

    Cannan has taught me to be grateful for everything. May Cannans children learn to count their blessings when they are growing up.