Our School

Cannan Kindergarten was established at 1965. Starting from 2001, for the provision of service to 2 years old children, Cannan Nursery was established as a part of our kindergarten. The origin name of our school is from the Old Testament that the Land of Milk and Honey was promised and subsequently given by God to Abraham and his descendants.


We aim to provide all-round quality services and to strive for continuous improvement.


We endeavour to foster children for all-round development through a balanced curriculum in the domains of Moral, Cognitive and Language, Physical, Affective and Social as well as Aesthetic,to lay the foundation for whole person development.
  • 1. We encourage children to learn from games, to foster their interest in learning and the spirit of knowledge acquisition, in order to inspire their mind including analytical, inference, determination and problem solving skills.
  • 2. We foster children's development on language and thinking, to encourage them to use language to express their feelings, needs and emotion.
  • 3. To cultivate children's self-esteem, self-confidence and self-satisfactory by giving them positive values and attitudes.
  • 4. To cultivate children's concern for others, to handle relationship and affairs in right attitude, to enjoy in group living and to build a good social relationship.
  • 5. To foster the responsibility of children in order to have a good living habit and self-care ability.
  • 6. To enhance the development of gross motor skill and fine motor skill training in order to have a fitness body and good physical ability .
  • 7. To foster children's five senses development and to encourage children to take the initiative to explore the world with their five senses.
  • 8. To inspire children's creativity and imagination in order to enhance their appreciation abilities.
  • 9. We encourage children to touch and cherish the surroundings, and to explore the phenomenon between the nature and daily life actively.
  • 10. To cultivate interest in Mathematics in order to enhance the ability of using Mathematics and logic concepts in daily life.
  • 11. We encourage children to make connections between science and everyday life, in order to enhance the ability of information technology.