Promoting the Culture of Reading

Reading can motivate children's learning, broaden their horizons and lay a solid foundation on their learning in the future.

Parent-child reading not only promotes a good parent-child relationship, but also helps children acquire new knowledge through the reading process and cultivate good reading habits. Therefore, we have actively promoted the "Reading Duck Programme", encouraging children to borrow storybooks inside and outside the school to enhance their interest in reading and create a strong reading atmosphere.  The Programme also has an award scheme. Children who has read a specified number of storybooks throughout the year with completing reading reports will be awarded.

Picture Books Activities

Use picture book stories to enrich the content of learning theme, to carry out diversified and interesting activities and to strengthen children's language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

It is the nature of children to listen to stories. High-quality picture books can help construct children's basic learning ability, helping children to express their emotions in a positive way and enhancing their interest in learning. Therefore, we have selected suitable picture books based on the theme as another way to enhance the effectiveness of theme-based learning. Teachers will design diversified and interesting classroom activities to stimulate children's active learning. In addition, through the pictures and words of picture books, children will be guided to discuss and share their life experiences. They not only gain knowledge from reading, but also nurture reading habits and improve their language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.