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“Interview Guide for Selecting Direct Subsidy Scheme Primary Schools or Private Primary Schools” Parenting Seminar”
The school attaches great importance to home-school collaboration. Recognizing that parents of Lower Class students may have concerns about how to choose a primary school for their children, we have invited Mr. Leung Wing Lok, an expert in further studies and education to hold a parenting seminar of “Interview Guide for Selecting Direct Subsidy Scheme Primary Schools or Private Primary Schools”. The seminar was very informative and it helped parents better understand school selection strategies. It is hoped that the seminar will assist parents in choosing the right school that best suits their children.
A Fun Play Day for the whole school(Whampoa Garden)
To complement the play-based school curriculum, our school held a Fun Play Day where children were able to freely participate in play activities in the school lobby. They were excited to use the various materials and instruments to design their games or create artwork according to their preferences. The activity fully demonstrated the spirit of self-directed exploration and we are happy that our children can learn and grow through play.
The activity of visiting the Firefly Eco-education Centre for Lower Class (Flashing Firefly Parade)
Children were provided with an opportunity to learn about the habitat of fireflies and to observe these uncommon amphibian species more closely. They were all excited about fireflies. The activity deepened their understanding of different living things and increased their awareness of conserving nature and the environment.

About Cannan

Focusing on child-centredness, our curriculum places emphasis on developing children's knowledge, skills, values and attitudes.
We aim at nurturing children's interest in learning, emphasizing on developing their biliteral ability.
Providing picture books learning and online parent-child reading programme, our learning materials can also use with a reading pen.
Through parent meeting, class observation and seminar, parents can have a better understanding of their child's learning progress.

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