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The use of stories as manner education for children

Central - Elizabeth, Mother of Marnie

I was delighted to be invited to read to my daughter's class. Story time is an essential part of our home life. My daughter and I read books together everyday and it is part of her daily routine. She won't go to bed until we have read 2 or 3 books of her choice. 

I decided to choose "Please, Mr Panda" because it has big hand drawn illustrations and teaches children the importance of saying "please" and "thank you". 

It was my first time to read to other children and I wondered how the Mango class would react to me. As I read the book, I could see the children's eyes were wide with curiosity. I really hoped they could understand what I was reading. 

I wanted my time with Mango class to be more activity based. The children decorated mini doughnuts with icing and sprinkles to take home. Hopefully they would remember from the story that only the animal that said "please" got to eat the doughnuts!

Did I enjoy my short time with Mango class? Yes I did! Maybe I can return to do more reading soon :)