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Riviera Garden

School fees and miscellaneous charges for the school year 2019/20 (Kindergarten)

School fee after deducting the government subsidy
10 instalments
Annual Fee: $3,280
Textbooks and miscellaneous items
2 instalments
Nursery class 1st Term: Around $3,493
Lower class 1st Term: Around $3,632
Upper class 1st Term: Around $3,779
Refreshment and miscellaneous items
(Remark 1)
2 instalments
Each Term: Around $1,080
School Uniform
(Remark 1)
Each item: Around $150-$170
Each item: Around $90-$260
School-bus Service
(Remark 1)
Drop-off point
Each Month: Around $1,020-$1,420
Remark 1: Major items can be ordered through the school on a voluntary basis.
Remark 2: The above fees and charges are for reference only.